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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Discussing Names and Teacups

Some time has past since the arrival of the body for our “floating head” and he has been adjusting pleasantly.

Names for the new dolls and more doll clothes.

It does help that he has a sweet little deer as a companion.  The two have been inseparable.  So much so, that it inspired their names.  Anna will explain all.

Our boy doll’s name is Yuki.  It means snow, or depending on the characters, lucky.  It pops up as a name or nickname in several different anime/manga series including Cardcaptor Sakura, Vampire Knight and Fruits Basket.  That last one in particular with the character Yuki Sohma, an extremely popular yet surprisingly shy high school boy.

The deer is named Shiro.  It means white or castle, but it is used as a name for pets among other things.  Kind of like naming a black cat Blackie.  It was the name of a dog in an episode of the Asian drama series Deka Wanko.

If you combine the names, you get Shiroyuki, white snow.  This is actually the main character from the anime Snow White with the Red Hair.  These two may not resemble that character, but combining their names like that was too cute to resist.

Yes, my friends, the anime names continue.  Sigh.

Anyway, Anna managed to produce a new simple outfit for Yuki in record timing.  How on Earth did she manage that?

In a word, rejects.  The pieces he is wearing were rejects from previous sewing projects.

Names for the new dolls and more doll clothes.  Jeans for a boy doll.

The jeans were the first attempt at making jeans for Usagi.  They came out too baggy, so I had to adjust the pattern and try again.  For this guy, the bagginess was just fine.  All I had to do was remove the lacey pockets and finish up the pants.

The tank top was going to be an undershirt for one of the girls, and again it was too baggy.  I just removed the lace and it was perfect.  Now he has a basic jeans and tank outfit.

I guess this outfit will have to do for now, and he seems to like it just fine.  So does Usagi.

Names for the new dolls and more doll clothes.

“Look! We match. :)”

Now in honor of our newest doll family members, I thought it would be wonderful to a tea party.  It’s been ages since we all sat down for a nice cup of tea.

Having a bjd tea party, with one problem.

“Can we have cake too?”

Only if you behave yourselves.

“…Can I have milk please?..”

“I want juice!”


Having a bjd tea party, with one problem.

“…Usagi, what’s tea?…”

“It’s a special drink that keeps Hikaru from yelling at people. :)"

Everything is about ready, however, I seem to have overlooked one detail.

Having a ball jointed doll tea party, with one problem. Not enough cups!

There are five of us, but my lovely tea set only serves four.  Oh dear!

Having a bjd tea party, with one problem.

(Don’t forget Shiro, that brings you to six.)

(Yes, but deer do not drink tea.)

Having a doll tea party, with one problem.

“We could use this, it’s a nice big cup!”

Where did that come from, I thought we got rid of the dreadful thing (see It Starts with a Cup).  Well, I guess it will have to do.

Having a bjd tea party, with one problem.

Well, we have a nice apple for Shiro…

Having a bjd tea party, with one problem.  Not enough cups!

…And tea and cake for all of us dolls.

“And juice!”

Yes, Sakura.  There is juice and milk too.

New names for dolls and new teacups?

Things are fine at the moment, but acquiring more tea cups is a must for future tea parties.  For now I will sip my tea and think over dish patterns for the new set.  Be at peace.

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