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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Of Bjd Fashion: Pink Lace Ensemble for a Birthday

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My much anticipated birthday was last week.  However, just as last year, the celebration was delayed a bit, but for a wonderful reason.

So Anna could have extra time to work on this…

Pink lace dress for a ball jointed doll with accessories.  A complete outfit!

…My new pink lace ensemble.

A wonderful and well coordinated new outfit consisting of a gorgeous pink lace dress with ribbon rose accents, a pink underskirt, a pink lace purse, and a cameo necklace..  I was so thrilled when I first saw it. 

Pink lace dress for a doll with accessories.  A complete outfit!

The dress fits me like a dream.  Anna says the design was inspired by the dress she recently made for herself  and it was sewn using the same techinque from our fitted bodice tutorial video.

The tiny ribbon roses at the straps and on the sash were individually hand stitched by her.  Oh, I do wish she would use them for my clothing more often.

Matching pink rose head band for a doll.

The same exquisite roses were also used for the sweet matching headband (see Of Bjd Fashion: Headbands for Dolls with a Tutorial to make your own).

Pink lace doll purse to match the dress.

The purse is relatively simple in design, similar to some from our doll bags and purses tutorial.  It is made from matching pink lace with a long ribbon cord strap and a pearl bead clasp (it actually closes with Velcro!). 

It’s simplicity makes it all the more versatile, it will work with many items in my ever growing wardrobe.

Tiny cameo doll necklace.

I’m afraid the cameo necklace doesn’t match this new outfit, but it is a thing of beauty in itself.  Anna says she received it from her mother.  It was intended for human use, but with the chain shortened it became perfectly doll-sized.

Pink lace dress for a bjd with accessories.  A complete outfit!

The underskirt is among the most versatile parts of the ensemble.  With it, the dress is full and elegant.   However, the dress can be worn without it for a lighter more casual look. 

And I can easily pair the skirt with a nice blouse for a completely different style.  Such a versatile and beautiful clothing set.

I do wonder what the other dolls think of it.

"Wow, your skirt is so big!"

“…This dress is so pretty…”

“Wow, it’s so big!  What makes it so poufy?  Is there something under there? Can I fit underneath?!”

Pink lace dress for a ball jointed doll with accessories.

Yes my dear readers, this is what I put up with, curious children.  However, it is what comes with looking fabulous.

Be at peace.

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  1. Well, happy birthday for last week. It was worth the wait to be able to wear such a beautiful outfit. You look awesome and the little ones think so too. 10/10
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