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Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Doll’s Holiday Gift List

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The holidays are upon us, such a wonderful time of the year.  A time of joy and cheer and giving to all.  This includes your favorite doll.

Yes, Anna is having a hard time finding the perfect gift for me, I mean us dolls.  She is one to wait until the last minute for such things.

To ease her burden, I have compiled a simple list of items that would be perfect to find under our tiny tree.

And for the sake of convenience, all of these special gift ideas are available at stores with locations close to home.  Anna regularly frequents each one.

Christmas gift ideas for dolls, chosen by a doll.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Doll

  • My Little Pony Blind BagUsagi just adores these collectible little figurines and I admire them as well for their quality.  They are quite affordable as well, so purchasing one for every doll in your collection is not out of the question.
  • My Mini Mixie Q's Blind Bag Box – These tiny dolls are much beloved by our dear little Sakura.  Each box contains two dolls with clothing and hair that are interchangeable.  They provide hours of fun for young doll, not to mention young humans.
  • ArtMinds Wooden 4 Drawer Box – For the doll with far too many accessories, this box makes a wonderful gift.  The roomy drawers can easily contain all the clutter, and the piece can be painted and adorn to match your doll’s personality. 
  • Journey Girls Musical Room Playset – For the music lover, why not an instrument?  This set consists of a doll size guitar, violin and clarinet along with cases, sheet music and a stand.  Perfect for the budding musician.
  • Badger Basket White Rose Doll Bed – This gorgeous bed will leave any doll feeling like a princess in a fairy story.  It comes with a beautiful quilt and pillow set.  Give the gift of sweet dreams.
  • Journey Girls Bistro Table Set – This is a favorite of mine.  A nicely designed set consisting a of a table, two chairs, and doll sized table settings for two.  It would be perfect for serving tea and perhaps a light lunch.
  • Journey Girls Travel Trunk – For the doll with an ever growing wardrobe, why not this trunk to store all her beautiful clothing? 
  • Our Generation Wooden Wardrobe – And for the doll with a much grander collection of clothing, this wooden wardrobe is spacious indeed.

Let me mention a couple of things.  First this “list of ideas” should be read mostly as “Hikaru’s Wish List”.  But it does work as an idea list all the same.

Second, most of the ideas are made for 18 inch or American Girl size dolls or aren’t intended for dolls at all.  Thankfully they still work for ball jointed dolls, especially the closet.

Anyway, I hope this list helps you find the perfect gift for your “favorite doll” or your favorite doll collector.

Happy Holidays.


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