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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Finding Doll Props: A Tiny Thrift Store Haul

Anna recently paid a visit to a local thrift store, specifically Goodwill, hoping to find a few appropriate doll sized items.

Inside the cute Hello Kitty backpack is a small thrift store haul of possible doll props.

So imagine my surprise when she presented this fanciful backpack.  Emblazoned with Hello Kitty, it is attractively cute, but not right for use by us dolls.

What's inside the Hello Kitty backpack?  Stuff for a bjd?

It still was useful for Anna.  She actually placed the rest of her purchases inside.  So then, let us see what she found.

A ball jointed doll looking at the possible doll props in a thrift store haul.

It is a clear plastic bag full of random odd and ends.  It is my understanding that at thrift stores small items are frequently grouped together this way before selling. 

Items such as small toys, household supplies and craft supplies are found this way.  And it’s in these sort of bags that one has the most luck at finding suitable doll props.

A mini thrift store haul.

Quite a mix of items in this bag, and I can immediately spot a few things that would be of use to me.

Tiny books and a itty bitty piggy bank.  Perfect size for a doll.

So let’s first examine the more obvious finds.

Disney book for a doll.

Here we have an amusing little book, Walt Disney’s Silly Symphonies.  It is a nicely bound hardcover book and the perfect size for a doll.

A ball jointed doll reading a small book, bought at a thrift store.

It features a few classic fairy tales with bright full color illustrations.  This will be excellent as bedtime reading for our little Yuna and Sakura.

Flower Fairies Little Book Collection, a tiny set of books.  Just the right size for ball jointed dolls.

Now for us more mature dolls, there is a box set of four beautiful books of poems.  It is called Flower Fairies, The Little Collection.

Flower Fairies Little Book Collection, a tiny set of books.  Just the right size for dolls.

Each poem is about a different type of flower fairy, and the illustrations are wonderfully done.

Tiny books for dolls.

I shall immensely enjoy devouring these fine books.

A tiny doll size piggy bank.

Next, we have a ceramic piggy bank.  Such a practical item and it’s the perfect size for dolls.

If you give a doll a piggy bank, do you have to give them money too?

Now that I have a decent bank for money, Anna will need to provide me with an adequate allowance.  But how much is an appropriate amount?

Hikaru, you are not getting an allowance.  You already cost me enough as it is, and that’s without letting you have control of the money.


Well, I suppose the bank will make a fine decoration.

A small thrift store haul.

Now there is the rest of the items to consider.  Most of them sadly are of little use to me.  But maybe with some creativity…

A small thrift store haul.

I believe the erasers on the right would be amusing for the children to play with, though the scale is awkward.

The watercolor paints might work for the face up Anna has yet to give me (see Doll Owner's Corner: The Face Up).  How long must I wait?

Finally, the long adhesive note paper (you mean post-its?), once cut to size would be perfect for dolls.

Photo albums make good doll clothes storage.

And this photo album is actually much more useful then at first glance.  According to a rather informative Froggy Stuff video, albums such as this one can be used to store doll clothes and accessories.

Storing doll clothes in photo albums.

Each page has a clear pocket that can neatly store an article of clothing or two. 

Unfortunately, this particular album is too small for most of my fine clothes.  Perhaps is would be useful for a smaller doll such as yosd sized bjds or even fashion dolls.

Some items from the thrift store.

As for the rest of the items, I’m sure Anna can use them for some practical purpose.

A ball jointed doll reading a tiny book about flower fairies.

Now that everything has been properly sorted, I think I will sit back and enjoy a good book.  Perhaps with a cup of tea as well.  Be at peace.

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