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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Doll Owner’s Corner: A Few Plans

It’s the first of December and Christmas is coming too soon! 

But first, it’s Doll Owner’s Corner when I, the doll owner, talk about anything I want.

This month’s topic:

Making plans about ball jointed dolls.



I just wanted to go over a little about what I have planned or sort of planned with the dolls.

The Head

First up is the head i.e. Usagi’s friend.  He has a wig and eyes already.  But even though I have purchased two other dolls since he and Usagi came, I still haven’t gotten him a body.

That will change.  The very next planned doll purchase will definitely be a body for him, and in a few months he will be bodiless no more.

I plan on getting him this Doll Family H bodyIt is my understanding that Doll Family H and Doll Family A are two lines made by the same company.  Doll Family A by the way is the company that made Usagi and the head.

Anyway, being kind of the same company means that the resin colors should be a perfect match for Usagi’s friend.  This is a major problem when trying to buy bjd bodies and heads separately.  And as soon as he recieves his new body, he will get the only other thing he is missing.  I mean besides clothes. 

A name.  We won’t be able to call him “the Head” anymore.  I have several ideas for names rolling around in my head, so it’s just a matter of throwing them at him and seeing which one sticks.

Using the Extra Wig

When I bought wigs for the head and Sakura, I bought another small wig as well.  I mentioned that I had plans for it.  It’s for another doll.

My next major doll purchase after the body will be another yosd sized ball jointed doll.  It is a doll I was eyeing around the time I bought Yuna. 

I actually had trouble deciding whether to buy this one or Yuna.  In the end, I went with Yuna because she was on sale for a better price.  I’m waiting for the other doll to go on sale for an even better price.  Until then, I won’t mention which doll she is, don’t want to ruin the surprise. :)

Fixing Wigs

Yuna’s wig need a bit of work, but I have an idea of a way to fix a least one of the problems with it. 

Also, Yuna, Usagi and Sakura all could use a trim.  Their bangs need a little something.  I’ve already done some work on Usagi’s bangs, but I really want to go back and improve it.

Hikaru’s hair is just fine, but I want to find more ways style it.  I seen a few tutorials online for different hair styles for American Girl dolls and I think they will work for bjds too.

Plans for future doll clothes and tutorials.

More Doll Clothes And Tutorials

I intend to make a lot more doll clothes in the future.  There are several clothing pieces all the dolls need and/or want.  Mostly winter clothing for the girls and eventually the head will need something too. 

I’m thinking things like basic pants and shirts for the head and simple and cute coats for everyone.  And I think it would be fun to make some doll jeans.  Usagi really wants a pair. 

I also think it would be so fun to make Hikaru one really fancy outfit.  Something with lots of ruffles and details.  It might get her off my back for awhile.  I want to make all this as soon as possible, though life will probably get in the way. 

I also want to make tutorials for some of these items or at least post some printable patterns for them.  While I’m at it, I would like to post the patterns for some of the things I’ve already made.  Like the simple shoes I made for Hikaru and the cute doll t-shirts.  And anything else that you all would like to see.

Now most of these are long term goals.  Because buying both a new ball jointed doll and a doll body at the same time will definitely blow your budget.  But it’s good to have at least some sort of plan or goal when collecting these dolls.

So look forward to seeing some of these ideas pop up over the next several months. :)

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